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If you are not completely happy with our service, then please tell us within 48 hours in order that we may remedy the situation. We guarantee the quality of our cleaning.


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Same Teams

We do endeavour to provide the same cleaning team where appropriate or requested. However this may not always be possible due to holidays, absences, varying cleaning frequencies & other commitments.  


Data Protection Act By providing us with the information overleaf you consent to us obtaining (whether from you or from others), holding and using personal data about you in connection with the business of domestic cleaning services as specified above and overleaf for so long as may be reasonably required for our legitimate purposes.

We will use that information for communicating with you. We may also provide that information to third parties with a legitimate reason to receive it connection with your dealings (e.g. transferee of our business) with us or to such third parties as required by you or the law, whether within or outside the European Economic area.  


We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions at any time.